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  • Do I need to buy a Sprinter chassis from Mercedes Benz for conversion?
    No, Westwind Coachworks is a Certified Master Upfitter for Mercedes Benz which in return saves you the customer money. We have the Sprinter chassis ready for conversion on-site.
  • Are Mercedes Sprinter Vans hard to drive and do you need a CDL?
    No, they are pleasurable and not difficult to drive. A CDL is NOT required.
  • Mercedes Certified Master Upfitter/Extended Warranty
    Westwind Coachworks is a Certified Master Upfitter for Mercedes Benz. This status allows customers to reap the benefits of Westwind Coachworks expertise and commitment in building Certified vehicles with the highest safety, quality, luxury, and up-to-date technology. On top of the original warranty Westwind Coachworks offers a 3 year/100k mile warranty guaranteeing top notch customized work and service.
  • Cargo/Storage Space
    Westwind Coachworks Sprinters lead the industry with the most Cargo space of 39” sq. cu ft. comes with an overhead hanging rack. This cargo space could also be used for amenities such as bathroom, kitchen, or anything else custom you may need.
  • Can you provide Handicapped Accessible Sprinters? (Mobility Sprinter)
    Westwind Coachworks Mobility Sprinter are all custom designs. Each mobility custom builds factors in wheelchair and space requirements keeping ease and mobility, and self-sufficient solutions in mind. Electric and Manual ramp options are available. Braun underbelly electric ramp is mounted under the vehicle and is easily operated by remote. The Braun Manual lift folds down from the electric sliding door and then is stored in the 39” sq. ft Cargo space in the rear of Sprinter.
  • Do you accept trade-ins?
    We accept trade-ins in certain circumstances.
  • Can you install toilets?
    Yes! Thetford Waterless, are two-piece, fresh-water flush toilets that conveniently travel anywhere a toilet is needed. Completely self-contained, sanitary, odorless, and leak proof, and hold their Thedford Waterless toilets hold own for flushing, so no water hook up is necessary.
  • Do models come with WiFi?
    Cradle Point Routers are made for home and/or office environments that are dependable and consistent internet options for home or office networks. Offering all in one cloud management, content filtering, firewalls, and threat detection.
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